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Zoe Hart and Lemon Breeland may get the bulk of the lines on Hart of Dixie, but when it comes to doling out drops of wisdom, there's no beating AnnaBeth Nass. The former Auburn cheerleader is a devoted member of the BlueBell community. She can usually be found in her kitchen whipping up one of her famous treats for a bake sale, a potluck, or a friend in need of a meringue-based pick-me-up. When she's not in baking up a storm, she can usually be found at Lemon's side at all the best functions in BlueBell or working on her love life, which has its ups and downs over the course of the show. AnnaBeth takes it all in stride thanks to her optimism and unique perspective on the world. She happily shares her pearls of wisdom with her friends, family, frenemies (hello, Zoe!), and the men in her life.

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Here are a few of our favorites:

"If this really is our last night on earth, then I want to know that we spent every second of it chasing our dreams."

"My parents checked out after seeing Top Gun, they figured they'd never see anything better."

"Dating a Gainey in BlueBell is almost as bad as dating a Florida State fan."

"I'm waiting on a man named Chicken... The Annabeth Nass story."

"If I had a dollar for every dramatic entrance…"

To Lavon: "Jam has an expiration! You can't just let it sit on the shelf forever! So, if you don't want it you just tell me so I can take my jam elsewhere!"

"I am a regular Harry Potter… in the kitchen, of course."

"Nothing kills a dinner party like the guest of honor being killed."

Lemon to AnnaBeth: How are you?
AnnaBeth: As fine as I can be, given that my heart is crushed and I'm probably gonna die alone and whatnot.

Lemon: Me getting together with Lavon has to be like the perfect movie moment with wine and twinkly lights with just the right song coming on at just the right time and the perfect dress.
AnnaBeth: Okay, well go out and buy the gosh darn dress, Lemon, and make your move.

AnnaBeth to Lemon: "I mean, I realize us dating each other's exes is stranger than a three-legged dog in a horse race, but that's BlueBell, right?"

Lemon: Somewhere, right now, Diana Ross is spinning in her grave.
AnnaBeth: Or hailing a taxi. I'm pretty sure she's still alive.