Watch Exclusive Clip of Hallmark's 'The Perfect Pairing'

Grab your pinot and your pajamas for this wine-themed rom-com.

Grab your pinot and your pajamas, Hallmark Channel has the wine lover's perfect rom-com. There is a vineyard, a quaint small town, a handsome widower, and a beautiful, but somewhat harsh food and wine critic who gets amnesia in the first ten minutes. The Perfect Pairing stars Nazneen Contractor as the very focused, brutally honest food critic Christina and Brennan Elliot as a single father and a winemaker, Michael.

Christina who goes by her initials professionally so she can remain anonymous, heads out of the city to a wine festival. When she arrives at the train station, there is a mix up that has her land at the very winery to which she recently gave a scathing review, Hollingbrook Winery. And yes, you may have guessed, that's Michael's family winery. He doesn't realize who she as he gives her a tour and before her cover is blown, she slips on the ice and hits her head, causing amnesia. The Hollingbrook family takes her in and gives her a safe space to wait until her memory returns.

Hallmark The Perfect Pairing
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The only clues to who she is comes from within a little red notebook full of handwritten recipes. Michael's daughter suggests they bake some of the recipes and see if Christina (going by Joy) regains her memory. Watch the exclusive clip above as Christina makes herself at home in Michael's kitchen.

The movie was filmed on location at Pellar Estates Winery in Ontario, Canada and Hallmark went all in on the wine theme, creating a brand-new dessert wine to add to their collection inspired by the flick.

You'll have to tune in to find out how the rest of the story goes. The Perfect Pairing premieres on Hallmark Channel on January 15 at 8PM EST.

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