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Southern girls know that the relationship with her brother is one of the strongest and most special bonds she'll ever have. There's never a dull moment growing up with brothers, who always seem to be bouncing from one activity to the next, whether it's a pickup basketball game in the driveway, an extra lap around the block on his bike, and, of course, devising pranks against his sister. Though at times this sibling dynamic can be a love-hate relationship, it's also filled with laughter, trust, and a lot of love. At the end of the day, a brother is a sister's best friend.

If you grew up with a brother, you understand these quirks and characteristics of the unique relationship.

Regardless of age, brothers and sisters prank each other.

Older sisters, you've dressed up your little brother in your Halloween costumes or given him a makeover just to see what he'd look like as a little sister. And younger sisters, you've been pranked by older brothers too many times to count, like finding your Barbies with unwanted haircuts or walking into booby traps in the garage.

Brothers are Momma's boys.

While daughters are said to be Daddy's girls, the opposite goes from brothers. Sorry sisters, but you aren't the most important girl in your brother's life. Moms will continue to dote on and take care of sons long after they've grown up and left the nest; in turn, sons turn to their moms for extra love and TLC.

Brothers teach sisters to be tough early on.

Sisters learn to grow a tough skin—physically and metaphorically—at a young age with brothers. How else will she endure insults about unsightly blemishes or win her way out of a mini boxing match for the TV remote?

Brothers always give honest opinions.

Brothers will unapologetically give sisters an honest opinion—whether it's about an ugly outfit or a subpar boyfriend.

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