"Grease is the word!"
Credit: Fotos International/Getty Images

If you can't get enough of the 1978 musical romp known affectionately as Grease, this news is for you. Get excited, because there's a Grease-inspired spinoff coming your way: It's a musical television series called Grease: Rydell High, and it's headed to the new streaming platform HBO Max, which will launch in 2020. The production is being spearheaded by Paramount TV, the organization responsible for bringing the live televised musical version of Grease to FOX in 2016.

While the series won't be a complete remake of the now-classic film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, it will incorporate many of the elements we remember fondly about the original. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The series is still set in the 1950s and will feature big musical numbers from the era combined with new original songs." It promises to be a rollicking good time with poodle skirts and dance numbers aplenty, though there are still many details to come, as the production is in its beginning stages.

Paramount is also currently developing a Grease prequel called Summer Lovin'. John August, the writer behind Big Fish, Charlie's Angels, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is set to write the movie, which will take place before the events of the 1978 film. A new television show and a prequel, too? With all these Grease-inspired productions underway, it's making us want to re-watch the original—and sing along, of course. Anyone want to do the hand jive?

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Do you have a favorite movie musical? Is Grease one of your all-time favorites? What are you watching these days, and what new series are you looking forward to tuning into next year?