We look up to our grandparents for many different things. Our Nanas teach us everything from how to be a strong, Southern woman to how to master buttermilk biscuits and how to use just the right amount of blush. We also love our Southern grandfathers, who tell us stories about our culture and our roots and make sure we always feel safe, protected, and loved. These Southerners hold a large part of our heart, and have held each other's hearts for much longer than we can remember. Many of our grandparents have been married for many years, with some couples nearing 60 years of devoted love. For this reason, it just felt right that we would ask them for their best relationship advice and tips on how to keep a marriage strong. These words of wisdom range from making sure that you're willing to make a commitment to your partner to ensuring that you hold a good sense of humor through what will be – hopefully – a long journey together.

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