We asked Southern grandmothers to try the risky game of "Beanboozled," and the results are quite comical.

By Rachel Mulcahy
November 05, 2019

When you're in need of something sweet, jelly beans are a go-to, fruity treat. As if the pure bliss of enjoying a tic-tac sized candy wasn't satisfying enough, Jelly Belly created a comical challenge to bring the beloved candy to the next level. "Beanboozled" is the name of the game, and trust us it's the talk of the town right now. Fair warning: this game is not for the weak of stomach.

"Beanboozled" is a wheel of fortune type of game, where the spinning wheel of fate states the flavors of jelly beans. There are two flavors for every color: a pleasant one and a not-so pleasant flavor. You can either land on spoiled milk, coconut, rotten egg, buttered popcorn, dirty dishwasher, or birthday cake for example. The instructions are as follows: spin the wheel and eat whatever color it lands on. Your fate lies in the plastic wrapped container. It's hard to understand why kids are drawn to this daring game, but we suppose it's some combination of the element of surprise, the gross factor, and the curiosity of the unknown that reels them in. Besides, who doesn't love the possibility of eating the taste of dirty dishwater? We can't blame the kids—their palate is still developing and they're not too keen on finer tastes. They're notoriously known for opting for the simple cuisine of macaroni and cheese with chicken nuggets. But grandmothers have a more refined palate—they take pleasure in the richer foods like Deviled Crab and Baked Brie Bites.

So we put our Southern grandmas to the test. If their darling grandchildren ask them with an added ‘pretty please' would they dare play this risky game with them? Although we know Southern grandmas would do anything for their precious grandchildren, we were quite surprised to see who was actually up for the challenge. To reiterate: this is not for the faint of heart and we urge you to not watch this on a full stomach. So will the love that grandmothers have for their grandchildren really conquer all, even the taste of spoiled milk?