Each twenty-third of July we set aside a day to celebrate our Gorgeous Grandmas who are beautiful (inside and out), cool, adventurous, and full of life. We often rely on our family matriarch (aka sweet and cuddly Nana) to be a sounding board, to get answers to life's many questions, or just to linger in her unconditional love (and to let her bake cookies for us!).

We long to be near her because we love her, of course, but she is a also a wealth of knowledge on many topics such as faith, family, gardening, cooking, working, make-up, and manners. The gorgeous grandma pictured above is "Grand-mere (French for Grandma) Claire" to her eight adoring grandchildren. The youngest of them is little Genevieve (pictured here, today, with Grand-mere Claire).


Traditions are very important to this family and Grand-mere Claire makes certain they are passed from one generation to another. The first tradition often handed down is the name a child is given at birth. Named for her great aunt, both sides of Genevieve's family are of French descent so this name was a perfect fit. Claire has even begun teaching Genevieve a few words in French. Other life lessons she's teaching her grandchildren are using good manners, how to bake a pie, dressing right for the occasion, how to pray, using your imagination, the importance of playing outside, and how to laugh big! One of their favorite places to practice good manners is lunching at Atlanta's iconic Swan Coach House. Genevieve, her mom, Lisa, and Lisa's mom, Grand-mere Claire, always enjoy special days out. Genevieve is practicing one of Grand-mere Claire's more fun life lessons...


What are some traditions or nuggets of wisdom that your grandmother has passed on to you? We'd love to hear about them. Show your Gorgeous Grandma you love her by doing something special with her this year. Need some ideas?

  1. Take a selfie with her and post on social media that you're celebrating your Gorgeous Grandma.
  2. Help her with some small jobs around the house.
  3. Cook her favorite meal. Don't know how? Ask her to teach you. She'll love that more than anything.
  4. Videotape her while asking questions about her life - you'll appreciate this down the road.

Whether it's getting an ice-cream cone, having some afternoon tea, or running through the sprinkler, grandmothers are good at helping us unplug for an hour or so. So give your special Grandma a big hug today and join us as we celebrate Gorgeous Grandmas EVERYWHERE! For more about grandmas, check out these Southern Living stories: