Witty and silly tags that perfectly capture life down here.

Credit: Kristin Lee/Getty Images

Call us biased, but we think Southerners are pretty witty, from the great comedians that have come out of the South to our insightful and clever writers. Plus, everyone knows a joke is just plain better when delivered with a Southern accent.

So as it turns out, you don't have to look much further than Twitter for a wealth of silly Southern antics. Social media is ripe with Southern humor, from grandparents reacting to Snapchat to witty horoscopes and, of course, there's Mama. And now that we're knee-deep into football season, we've noticed one of our favorite trending hashtags has been resurrected again—the infamous "hate week." Depending on whose colors you wear, you probably have a hate week of your own—#AuburnHateWeek, #LSUHateWeek, #TennesseeHateWeek, and #BamaHateWeek.

This all got us thinking about some of our other favorite funny hashtags that perfectly capture a certain Southern humor. Plus, we've come up with a few we think should exist—help us out?

Our current favorites:

  1. #SouthernProblems: Perfect for co-commiserating about hot summers, un-sweet tea, and Chick-Fil-A being closed on Sundays.
  2. #GrowingUpSouthern: You learned real quick the danger of forgetting a "sir" or "ma'am" after your "yes" and "no"'s.
  3. #OnlyInTheSouth: We all know the South is a special, albeit odd, place. Living here just comes with its quirks. It's why we love it after all, right?
  4. #(Insert Team of Choice)HateWeek: Nothing wrong with a little friendly fire one week (er, season…) out of the year, right?

And a few hilarious Southern hashtags we wish existed…

  1. #TamiTaylorTuesday: I mean, she's our #WomanCrushWednesday every week, why not give her her own day?
  2. #WaffleHouseWednesday: Now that we have #TamiTaylorTuesday out of the way, Wednesday can be re-devoted to the great Southern institution that is Waffle House. Who needs crushes when you can have waffles?
  3. #BlessedByHumidity: Good for the skin, not so much for freshly tamed frizz. We can at least sympathize together?
  4. #FinishedPlate: All those perfectly plated, immaculately lit food shots are great. But you know what's more impressive than capturing your on-trend food stylings? Cleaning your plate to Grandma's approval