Citi YouTube

Most of us grew up accompanying our mothers as they delivered baskets of cookies or loaves of banana bread to anyone who moved to the neighborhood. It's not only polite to introduce yourself to a new neighbor, but giving them a welcome gift of pie or banana bread means they can snack while engaged in the tedious work of unpacking. It's just good manners and part of the long tradition of Southern hospitality, right? Or is it?

The advertising company behind a new commercial for the Citi credit card seems to think greeting new neighbors has a more nefarious purpose—namely, snooping. In the ad, a woman goes to visit a new neighbor with a pie in hand and a serious dose of honesty on her tongue. She knocks on her new neighbor's door and says, "I brought you this pie to see if you're weird." It's a cry-laugh-inducing line that is perfectly answered by the new neighbor who smiles, takes a whiff of the pie, and replies, "Wow, that smells intrusive." It only gets more hilariously honest from there.

While this advertisement seems to imply that Southern hospitality includes a certain level of snooping, which couldn't possibly be true (right?) as we all know that traditionally Southern etiquette includes minding your own business—at least on the surface. Regardless, this ad sure made us laugh.