You can stream the first two seasons of “Full Bloom” now.


If your ideal TV-viewing experience includes lots of blooming flowers and fun personalities, HBO has a show you need to put on your to-watch list. Full Bloom premiered last year and filled our screens with lush arrangements—and plenty of laughs. The high-energy show was renewed for a second season, which you can tune into on HBO Max now.

When you press play, you can expect tough challenges and exciting triumphs. HBO describes the show this way: "Inviting us into a vibrant and wondrous world, Full Bloom finds ten talented and innovative up-and-coming florists bringing their spectacular creative visions to a grueling but gorgeous competition series." Each episode includes individual and team challenges that contestants must complete in order to stay in the running for the $100,000 grand prize, which they can use to further their future floral goals.

The series is hosted by floral experts Simon Lycett, Elizabeth Cronin, and Maurice Harris, who judge the creations and offer their flower-shop expertise to the contestants, including Canaan Marshall, who's from Georgia; Antonio Bond, who's based in Texas; and Sarah Khan, who lives in Maryland. You can watch a trailer for the second season of the series below.

Find more information about Full Bloom at The first two seasons are available to stream now on HBO Max, and even if you don't have an HBO Max subscription, you can still watch the first episode of season two for free here.

Credit: laimdota/Getty Images

Have you ever watched any episodes of Full Bloom? Have you been looking forward to the second season?