Clear eyes, full hearts, can't stop...


If you've ever uttered the words "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose", considered yourself a Dillon Panther, or printed "Texas forever" on a T-shirt, chances are you're a fan of Friday Night Lights. And who wouldn't be? It's the kind of show that leaves an impression on us long after it stops airing. Whether it's the small town values, love of football, or incredible storyline that captivates you, it's one of those tales you completely invest in, knowing no other show will ever compare. It blessed our lives with Tim Riggins, after all. Here are 10 reasons Friday Night Lights is still the best; we think you'll agree.

Matt Saracen & His Grandmother

It's hard not to root for a sweet, Southern boy who often gets dealt the short end of the stick, but what makes Matt Saracen completely irresistible is his pure and loving relationship with his grandmother, who suffers from dementia. No only does he take care of her everyday needs, like food and medicine, but he even leaves his highly anticipated first date with Julie Taylor to be there for her. Swoon. Of course, Matt never misses an opportunity to tell his grandmother he loves her.

Small Town Values

Perhaps Friday Night Lights is widely adored because we see glimpses of our own life in the show. High school pep rallies, lifelong friendship, small town football games, and tight-knit families are portrayed on the big screen, reminding us all that growing up in the South is truly special.

The Taylor Marriage

Coach Eric and Tami Taylor are today what we would call #relationshipgoals. Through loss, heartache, excitement, and joy, these two characters prove that a loving relationship is possible if you work at it. They have each other's back 100 percent of the time and view their spouse as an equal. Even after years of marriage, Eric and Tami still unashamedly flirt, and we think it's adorable.

High School Romance

It's one of the most nostalgic feelings on the planet – young love. It's hard to forget the butterflies in our stomach before date night, scribbling our crush's name in algebra class, and gabbing to our friends about the first kiss. Between Jason and Lyla, Julie and Matt, and Tyra and Landry there's no shortage of high school romance.

Tim. Riggings. (Obviously)

He's the character we all love to hate. Hate to love? Nevertheless, there is no denying Tim Riggins is the ultimate football-playing, beer-loving, bighearted, teenage heartthrob we can't get enough of. If fact, some folks are even guilty of rewatching the show only to skip forward to his scenes… (cough, cough). Whether it's his bad boy charm or quotable one-liners, Riggs will always hold a special place in the heart of every Friday Night Lights fan.

The Final Episode

Spoiler alert! Like the majority of the show, the final episode keeps viewers on the edge of their seat only to finally wrap everything up in a beautiful bow. Coach Eric and his team win the state championship, but what happens next is even more heartwarming. After years of diligently holding the title "coach's wife", Tami is offered her dream job at a college. Instead of shutting it down, Coach Eric agrees to uproot their lives and start over again, allowing Tami to pursue her dreams. That's what we call a happy ending.