Amazon's #FoundItOnAmazon Section Is a Treasure Trove of Shopper-Approved Product Lists

Browse curated selections of shoppers’ favorite home items, beauty products, kitchen tools, and more. 
By Kaitlyn Yarborough
April 14, 2021
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Between our glowing skin courtesy of Amazon's top-selling vitamin C serums and the cult-fave buttery-soft Amazon sheets currently coating our bed mattress, needless to say we're suckers for a best-seller that's garnered thousands of reviews from real shoppers—and Amazon has them in droves. And if you didn't already know, you can actually shop many of these compelling top-sellers in a completely new way on Amazon's hidden #FoundItOnAmazon section. 

Instead of relying on an on-site algorithm that computes a pages-long list of nearly identical items whenever you search a term, the #FoundItOnAmazon homepage is full of product lists pertaining to particular categories that shoppers have bought, reviewed, or want to recommend to others. These Idea Lists, as Amazon calls them, are often organized by shoppers themselves (and sometimes businesses), but can be difficult to track down, which is where we come in.

This time, instead of digging through deals and steals hiding away in Amazon's Outlet section or Warehouse section, you can grab things focused on a particular topic you're interested in. Shop home items, beauty products, kitchen tools, workout attire, and more lumped together for your pleasure. For example, if you're looking to organize your pantry, you can find a list that solely contains a curated selection of kitchen organizers and food storage containers. Or, if you're interested in finding the best cheap dupes of your favorite Lululemon workout tops, there's a list for that, too. Of course, some lists are more updated and expansive than others, which is why we're going to introduce a few of our favorites that offer compelling options below.

What sort of things might you find inside the #FoundItOnAmazon section? See some trending Amazon Idea Lists below—and maybe stock up on something new. 

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#FoundItOnAmazon Kitchen
Credit: Amazon

If You're Looking for Kitchen Organization and Tools...

This Idea List courtesy blogger Teresa Caruso is stocked full of organizing containers, time-saving tools, and anything else you might need to upgrade every inch of your kitchen and pantry.

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#FoundItOnAmazon Viral Finds
Credit: Amazon

If You're Looking for Viral TikTok Finds...

Browse this Idea List when you're not sure what you need—because we're sure you'll find a thing or two. Curated by TikToker Rachel Meaders, it contains over 200 products that shoppers swear will change your life. 

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#FoundItOnAmazon Beauty
Credit: Amazon

If You're Looking for Beauty Best-Sellers...

These trendy claw clips aren't the only beauty product you're going to be tempted to snag from Top Online Finds' beauty-specific Idea List. We're also eyeing the firming face mask, super lengthening mascara, and scalp-massaging shampoo brush to name a few.

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#FoundItOnAmazon Home
Credit: Amazon

If You're Looking for Affordable Home Décor...

Amazon can help out homeowners who want to freshen up their space without hitting the wallet too hard, and this Idea List by blogger Miriam Gin has tons of options, from small home accents like pillows and coffee table items to larger statement pieces like this velvet chair. 

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Amazon Joggers
Credit: Amazon

If You're Looking for Amazon Workout Clothes...

Why, yes, these are those joggers. The ones that are the $19 dupe for Lululemon's $98 ones. Browse this pair of pants and other popular Amazon athletic attire, including tops, shorts, jackets, leggings, and more, via this Idea List with over 100 products listed.

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