It's a roaring good shopping trip.

Food Lion

We Southerners have special relationships with our grocery stores. Supermarkets provide us with fresh foods, key ingredients, and plenty of deals over weekly (ok, daily) visits. We rely on these spots. We trust them to feed our families. This is one of the reasons why Southerners love Salisbury, North Carolina-based Food Lion. Since 1957, Food Lion has been providing customers with a great shopping experience, top-quality foods, and plenty of other benefits, which always keep us coming back for more.

Their text offers save the day.

Bad day? How about a free chocolate chip cookie? Free cookies, dollars off your bakery purchases, digital offers, and flash deals are just some of the savings you'll find if you sign up for Food Lion's text offers. Watch your phone, because you'll be hearing about the complimentary chocolate chip cookies before anyone else does.

They're focused on sustainability.

Food Lion is committed to conservation. They are reducing their carbon footprint through recycling, using LED lightbulbs, and consuming less energy (motion sensors and glass doors for the win!). They have partnered with Energy Star to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their stores, which span 10 states.

They have your back at dinnertime.

In addition to their many convenient locations, Food Lion also has an arsenal of quick and easy recipes to make dinnertime a snap. Browse, shop, and have dinner on the table in no time at all. They also have a section dedicated to super simple Southern recipes too. Chocolate-Strawberry Shortcakes or Guacamole Deviled Eggs, anyone?

They care about their communities.

Through Food Lion Feeds, the company has been helping to eradicate hunger by supporting food banks across the South with donations of cash, products, and equipment. So far, they've served over 297,035,169 meals, and that number continues to rise.

They make couponing a breeze.

Food Lion makes it easy to shop and save simultaneously. If you're an MVP, you have access to digital coupons and deals across the store. Scan your MVP card at the kiosk (conveniently located near the entrance) for personalized coupons and advertised specials galore. There's no need to comb through newspaper clippings when you can access your coupons quickly and easily in-store.

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What's your go-to grocery store? Southern grocery stores have a special place in our hearts—not to mention all the best fresh produce! Our reusable bags are always at the ready, because we never know when we'll have to make an impromptu grocery run.