Flower Names for Girls That are Totally Charming

Girl picking flowers in field
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She's as pretty as a flower with a name to match. A fitting name one of the most important thing a parent can give to their child. First impressions are important, and a strong name is great way to be memorable off the bat. While the personality of a Southern woman is enough to have her remembered for a lifetime, a name to match is a surefire way that your baby girl will leave an impression on anyone she crosses paths with. Southerners love to keep vintage names in the family, but some of the most beautiful names can actually come from nature. Turn it into a double name combination, or make it unique on its own. Give your baby girl a bold floral name, or keep it sweet and subtle. Draw inspiration from the spring garden, or from flowers grown all over the world. No matter the name, any one inspired by these blossoms will stick in the minds of those who know her.

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Known for its tall sturdy sturdy stems and bold, beautiful colors, girls names Amaryllis are sure to be just as strong and vibrant as the flower itself. While a favorite plant in many Southern gardens, Amaryllis is not the most common of names, although one pops up in a classic: The Music Man.

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little girl on the field of sunflowers
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Shaped like its namesake "star", this baby girl will be destined for greatness. We have a soft spot for the native Blue Wood Aster which grows in Grumpy Gardener's back yard.

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girl playing with a paper umbrella
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A girl with this name is destined to be just as breathtaking as a bright bush full of Azaleas. While we love seeing Azalea bushes in nearly every Southerner's front yard, we have to say that it will be even cuter in a monogram.

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Toddler playing in fall leaves
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A beautiful Calla will catch the eye of anyone—just like the girl who introduces herself with a name like this one. This flower usually grows near water, so you might just have a little water bug on your hands!

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Toddler playing in pool
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Native to eastern and southern Asia, this exotic flower is the perfect namesake for a baby girl. Camellia's of all varieties flourish across the South, and so will this little girl.

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Baby girl in the grass
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Lucky is just one of the many characteristics of the baby girl with this name. She's sure to be just as good to you as clover is rich to the soul.

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Little girl playing in autumn park
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The girl with this name will have a personality just as colorful as the variations of this blossom. These flowers usually bloom in the Spring and the Fall, so it's the perfect name for a little girl who comes into the world during the same time of year.

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Baby girl in field of yellow flowers
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Watch this baby girl shine just like the Southern character from The Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan. Many socialites and movie stars are named Daisy including Daisy Edgar-Jones who plays Kya Clark in the film adaptation of Where The Crawdads Sing.

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Girl blowing away dandelions.
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Like the Greek goddess of the rainbow, this showy flower is the symbol of a stunning beauty. The flower is often picked for flower arrangements, which is just another reason to choose it as your daughter's name.

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Toddler girls playing in flower field
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This climbing vine soars just like the keeper of this name. Southern Living's own Ivy Odom can usually be found making an elaborate cake, but she would be honored to share her name with your child.

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Girl with Flowers on Grass
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This aromatic blossom is the sweetest name for a baby girl. Maybe best known as the name of one of our favorite Disney princesses, your Jasmine is sure to be just as lovely.

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Toddler Girl in Purple Dress
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Just like its many variations, this versatile name has the capability of fitting a multitude of personalities. Add an extra L, and your little girl will have the same name as Lilly Pulitzer.

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Baby girl with apple
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This ancient beauty is also perfect as a timeless name. It's no secret that we have a soft spot for Steel Magnolias, and if you do, too, we cannot think of a more perfect name for your little one. Except for Shelby of course.

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Toddler girl on swing
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Adapting well in almost any sort of soil, this name will say great things about the girl who holds it.

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Girl with bunny sitting in the grass
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A baby girl given this name will be as pretty as a bunch of petunias in a hanging basket. She will be truly extraordinary with a name like this.

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Little child girl in field with red poppy flowers
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A field of these bright red beauties are almost as beautiful as the baby girl who holds this name. Jenna Bush Hager named her daughter Poppy in honor of her grandfather, George H.W. Bush.

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Toddler girl smelling a red flower
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Add Rose to a double name or have it stand alone—either way there will be no doubt that the keeper of this name will get plenty of compliments. Our favorite Rose is Betty White's character Rose Nylund of our favorite sitcom: Golden Girls.

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Girl picking flowers in field
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The yellow petals on this tropical blossom are bright and fun, just like its name. The word itself means "brightness" which almost seems like a guarantee for your child's future.

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Cute little girl blowing dandelion
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This spring blossom has the ability to brighten any day, just like a baby girl of the same name. As a moniker, it's unique and wonderful, just like your child.

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Little girl with blond hair
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A standout flower like this one is perfect as an unforgettable name. Sweet, soft and beautiful, you shouldn't shrink away from using this flower.

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Little girl on a field of wild flowers
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Native to the Southwestern United States, this brightly-colored gem is also a beautiful name. In Rahld Dahl's beloved children's book Matilda, the book's namesake's mother is named Zinnia.

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