We'll start our list with antiques, shiplap, and late-night cupcakes.

Joanna Gaines New Paint Line

Not that you need even more reasons to tune into tonight's sneak peek of Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, but just in case...

Because we really want to know what the homeowners get to keep.

That custom table from Harp Design Co.? What about that tree in the seagrass basket in the corner? If the homeowners get to keep that industrial chandelier we're moving to Waco and applying for a spot on the show.

Because we need a list of Joanna's favorite antique shops.

First question: Where does she find all these glorious knick knacks? Second question: Do they ship?

Because we want to know how big their behind-the-scenes team is.

And are they accepting applications from plucky Alabamians with a journalism degree and one small kitchen reno under their belt?

Because we must learn the secret to perfectly decorated coffee tables, mantels, and open shelving.

We've tried it. It's harder than it looks.

Because we need more Joanna and Chip.

Their sweet banter and wholesome family are just the pick-me-up our Tuesday night needs. After tonight's Fixer Upper season finale we'll need another Gaines fix to get us through the hiatus.

Because we know what goes on behind the scenes at a magazine photo shoot…

and it can be pretty chaotic. Now, add a full home reno, video crew, producers, homeowners, and you have the potential for some serious drama. For some reason though, we have a feeling everything will come together in the end.

Because it's on at 11 EST.

Someone please tell HGTV it's a school night. We love the Gaines family, but we also believe in beauty sleep, which means we need eight hours on that silk pillowcase.

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