Blue, boudin-garnished sno-balls, cocktail shakers bigger than your head, candied pork belly truffles--we would never accuse Chef Emeril Lagassee of not knowing how to have a good time, but this past weekend, we saw firsthand how the man throws a party.

The annual fundraising weekend for his namesake foundation, which helps disadvantaged children through culinary programs, brought out the South's best chefs for a boudin throwdown.

Here are five things we saw (ate ate) over the weekend.

1. Hugh Acheson hammed it up for our camera with his Boudin-Stuffed Quail Legs with Chow Chow Vinaigrette. Hugh also won for: Who Wore It Best? Apron Edition

emPhoto: Hannah Hayes/em

2. Did we mention the Candied Pork Belly Truffles? Oh we did? That's because they were unadulterated genius manifested in sugar, pork, and chocolate--the genius belonging to Chef Tory McPhail of NOLA institution Commander's Palace.

emPhoto: Hannah Hayes/em

3. We ran into our new best friend Alex from NOLA restaurant Dick and Jenny's over by Martinique Bistro's table. He conveniently had an issue of the Southern Living Thanksgiving issue in his bag for an impromptu recipe review.

emPhoto: Hannah Hayes/em

4. I crossed one of my dream selfies off the list when NOLA Chef John Besh of such restaurants as Domenica and the recently opened Johnny Sánchez agreed to my request, albeit somewhat bewildered. #magic

emPhoto: Hannah Hayes/em

5. We invented electricity, we have put a man on the moon, and we created the Internet. Now America, specifically Dickie Brennan, can add fusing the sno-ball and boudin sausage together to our list of exceptional accomplishments. Here it is: a sno-ball flavored with Abita's Andygator beer and garnished with a slice of boudin. The stuff of wonders, y'all.

emPhoto: Hannah Hayes/em