6-Year-Old Alabama Girl Calls 911 to Report Missing Barbie Doll

Allegedly, a bandit was to blame.

Well, this is the cutest thing we've heard all week. A six-year-old girl in Pell City, Alabama, called 911 for help after suffering a toy emergency.

Addie Cooper couldn't find her Barbie doll or her Baby Shark toy, so while her mother was in the shower, she called in backup by dialing 911. After being connected to an operator, she said hello then cut right to the chase.

"Some of my toys are missing," young Addie said.


Realizing this was no regular emergency, the operator stayed on the phone with Addie, asking where her mother was and which toys she was missing. Addie reported that not only was her Barbie missing, but her Baby Shark toy was also nowhere to be found. As if the story wasn't cute enough, what Addie said next really had us tickled.

"I think a bandit stole them," she told the operator. "Can you find them?"

To listen to the full audio, watch the YouTube video below.

Addie eventually passed the phone over to her mom who cleared things up with the operator.

We're all hoping for the swift return of Addie's beloved Barbie and Baby Shark!

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