Credit card debt can be overwhelming. Whether your debt has accrued from purchasing major appliances for your new home, or just because of your love for a good department store sale, any kind of credit card debt can seem scary when it gets out of hand. The good news is you're not alone. Forty-five percent of Americans carry a credit card balance every month, and on average, credit card debt accumulates to over $16,000 per person. If any of these statistics sound like you, our friends at Coinage are here with five easy ways to eliminate that debt. When carrying a large balance on your card, paying the minimum each month just won't cut it. If you are strapped for cash and unable to follow a few of these goals for paying them off, simply paying the minimum twice each month can help you get back on track. This can result in you paying those balances down much faster and slow the interest from growing. Being cost-efficient is good, and saving money everywhere that you can is even better, but the true path to financial freedom is stellar credit.

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