Alabama Artist Features Dolly Parton Portrait in "Women of Influence" Collection

"Through their individual work, their success excels all women forward."

We are always looking for ways to get more Dolly Parton in our lives, and one Alabama artist is making it possible for you to have the songstress right in your own home.

Artist Natalie Zoghby of Birmingham, Alabama, has debuted her "Women of Influence" collection, which features notable women like Amanda Gorman, Lizzo, and the Queen of Country Music herself, Dolly Parton.

Natalie Zoghby women of influnece

Courtesy of Natalie Zoghby

The Dolly Parton portrait shows the philanthropist dressed in a pink outfit with her classic teased blonde hair. And of course, the artwork is adorned with glitter and jewels in true Parton fashion. In her hand she is holding a vaccine needle, a nod to the fact that she donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University for COVID-19 research which eventually led to the development of the Moderna vaccine.

women of influence natalie zoghby
Courtesy of Natalie Zoghby

Almost a year after her donation, Parton was finally able to get "a dose of her own medicine." She waited patiently until she was eligible for her first dose because she didn't want to "jump the line."

"I specifically chose ladies who stood out in 2020," Zoghby shared. "Through their individual work, their success excels all women forward."

Natalie Zoghby art
Courtesy of Natalie Zoghby

You can find the "Women of Influence" collection at House Plant Collective in Birmingham, or you can browse Zoghby's website or Instagram page where you can also find colorful abstracts and hand painted florals made with eggshells.

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