Be kind, rewind and check Twitter!

By Rebecca Angel Baer
blockbuster video membership card
Credit: mrtom-uk/Getty Images

Remember the excitement that came from a Friday afternoon visit to your local Blockbuster Video store to pick out what your family would watch over the weekend? As you strolled along the blue carpet towards the back wall, anticipation would build as you neared the "new releases" section. Would there be a copy left of the latest flick? Would Shag or Sixteen Candles be behind the store model copy on the shelf or would you have to go ask the clerk to check the return bin? Of course, no trip would be complete without picking out the perfect movie theater candy from the stash available near the checkout. What great memories. Those were simpler times.

But wait! Could it be that this pastime is not completely extinct? It appears that is the case. The Internet has been a flutter with the news that Blockbuster is back and that they are hilarious on Twitter. People across social media cannot get enough of the Last Blockbuster Twitter account and we can see why.

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In an article by The Daily Dot last year, it was revealed that the account was run by the employees of the last Blockbuster, and they claim to be located simply "In the Oak Park Shopping Center between Ace Hardware and the former O'Kelly Dojo."

However, we here at Southern Living did a little more digging and the folks behind the @loneblockbuster admitted to us that this was, in fact, a parody account. It is all done in good fun, of course. Who doesn't love a bit of nostalgic humor?

But do not despair. As it turns out, Blockbuster DOES still exist. There are a handful of stores left in Alaska and one in Texas. Southern Living can confirm that the Edinburg, Texas location is still open for business. So dig up that old blue and yellow laminated membership card, head to Texas and don't forget to check out the staff picks!