With Disney World prices increasing 51 percent since 2007, there has to be much more to experience at the Happiest Place On Earth. One look at Disney’s updated 2018 roster proves that this should be the year to start saving. The list of new attractions is exciting, to say the least. The movie UP taught us all that it’s never too late to go on an adventure, and Disney is presenting a live show based on the film at the Animal Kingdom. Who doesn’t love Toy Story? Buzz and Woody will forever be our favorite characters, and now you can enjoy several family-friendly rides that remind you of the beloved film. Ready to battle the dark side? Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire is a 30-minute virtual reality experience that everyone is talking about. Visiting Disney World is always a good idea, but even if you’ve been several times, you won’t want to miss the 2018 updates.

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