Paper Napkin Interview: Dishing with Erin Andrews

We talk grits, gators, and good seats with the adorable ESPN College GameDay reporter and Dancing With the Stars alum.

Dishing with Erin Andrews
ESPN reporter Erin Andrews enjoys a breakfast of eggs and grits at The Flying Biscuit Cafe in Atlanta, GA. Photo: Gregory Miller

Your job requires you to be on the road well over 100 days a year. Do you have tips for getting to know a town?
I never eat at chain restaurants. Instead, I go somewhere recommended by a local.

As a sideline reporter you have a unique perspective of football games. What surprised you about this up-close view?
I'm surprised by how spoiled I've become. Now, when I'm a spectator, no matter how great my seats are, I constantly feel they're not good enough. I'm always thinking, "No, I want to be down there."

Do you think there are any advantages to being female in your line of work?
Of course. You stand out, obviously, but that's good and bad. When you make mistakes, people notice and don't let them slide like they do for men.

How did you learn about football?
My dad is a huge Green Bay Packers fan, so I watched them from an early age. And growing up in Tampa, Florida, I was in the middle of college football country. You had to be for the Gators, FSU, or Miami.

What made you decide on the University of Florida?
I knew I wanted to go into sports broadcasting, and Florida had a great journalism program. Plus, and it may sound silly, I wanted to go to a school with a winning football program. I knew ESPN would be covering strong teams and I wanted to see that coverage up close.

What is the biggest misconception about the South?
That every guy here has a Justin Bieber haircut.

Any hidden talents?
Singing like Taylor Swift. I feel a connection with her since we're both tall, blonde, and high-spirited. My friends may disagree, but I think I'm especially good at "Picture to Burn."

What's your favorite aspect of Southern football?
The commitment to tailgating, especially at LSU. By Wednesday afternoon the RVs have arrived and the crawfish boil is cranking up.

Who's your all-time favorite player?
Tim Tebow because of everything he stood for and how hard he played. I unfortunately often have to report negative news about players. It was nice to have such a wonderful ambassador for college football.

Last thing you scribbled on a napkin?
I'm cheesy and girly and always draw hearts.

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