Delilah's greatest hits.

Delilah Radio Show Host

You may not immediately recognize the name but you will definitely recognize her voice. Eight to 10 million listeners tune in every week to hear Delilah's voice, her advice, and the song she prescribes to go along with that advice. It's that combination og long-distance therapy sessions and sentimental love songs that keep us listening. Sometimes her emotional responses are gentle and comforting, other times she takes a stern tough love approach with her callers. Her intentions, however, are always coming from a good place. The 57-year-old mother to 13 children, 18 grandchildren, and a few dozen foster kids is the voice of reason and support for most of America, both men and women. Her name, the "Queen of Sappy Love Songs" is something she came up with on her own. It may sound silly but Delilah tells us, "What I do is real, the wisdom or encouragement I share is from my heart, even if it is a bit sappy at times, it is who I am and what I feel." Based on the emotional support she provides night after night, we think Delilah has earned and deserves that title.

What are your favorite love songs of all-time?
"I've played so many amazing love songs over the years. Here are some that I really love, and many are classics:"

Unchained Melody, The Righteous Brothers

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Roberta Flack

He Heals Me, India Arie

True Colors, Cindi Lauper

Faithfully, Journey

All of Me, John Legend

Make You Feel My Love, Adele

What's your favorite first-dance wedding song?

Go There With You, Steven Curtis Chapman


What are those songs you wish people wouldn't request so much?
There are a few songs people request night after night. The top two are Wind Beneath My Wings, which you will recall from "Beaches" and My Heart Will Go On, which was made famous in "Titanic." During the holiday season, Christmas Shoes is by far the most in demand. Wind Beneath My Wings will probably be my most requested song of all time."

What's your favorite love story of all-time?
"The one that's unfinished. The one I'm in the middle of. The one I hope that never ends. The one I'm living with my husband right now…"