Alabama native Darren Knight is known for his hilarious and outspoken impressions as Southern Momma. In fact, his videos are so honest that his Facebook page has an incredibly strong following, with thousands of Southerners relating his humorous snippets to their own growing-up years. The proof? One of his recent videos, Summer Days With Southern Momma, has over 21 million views. But, what you might not know is how Darren Knight was inspired to create Southern Momma, and the story behind his decision to become a comedian. Most of the material for Darren's impression of Southern Momma is based on memories from his childhood. "I remember the first video I put up, my Mama said, 'You're gonna have to take that down. People in town are going to think we're crazy." Although his inspiration comes from his vivid childhood, Darren talks about his family's humble beginnings, and how he's really worked for the attention he's gotten. And, even though he's found success with the creation of Southern Momma, he's not sure that this character will be his whole comedic journey. "If I want to start doing the character of an old man for the rest of my life, I want to be able to do it." Join this humorous Southerner for a look behind one of our favorite characters.

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