Rob Kenney knows what it’s like to grow up without a dad.
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Rob Kenney Dad How Do I?
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The man behind the wildly popular "Dad, How Do I?" YouTube channel has published a book just in time for Father's Day.

Rob Kenney began his mission to become the Internet's dad early in the pandemic. He has since amassed more than 3.3 million subscribers by sharing tutorial videos demonstrating how to do everything from fixing a faucet to jump-starting a car.

The father of two didn't set out to become a celebrity, he simply wanted to help kids learn the life lessons not taught in school.

Kenney knows that struggle. He was 14 years old when his own father abandoned him and his seven siblings. He always wished he had someone to teach him the basics. Instead, Kenney and his siblings had to figure out how to tie a tie, unclog a drain, and succeed in life all on their own.

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"I think part of the reason my content has resonated so much with people is the fact that during my childhood I was struggling with not having somebody to turn to," he recently told PopSugar. "I relied on my older brother a lot for things. I was young when my dad left us, so I made a big vow at 14 years old to always be there for my kids. It carried me through because I knew I'd never do what my dad did."

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His book Dad, How Do I?, is described as part memoir, part DIY and part inspiration. In it, you'll find 50 practical guides (complete with helpful line drawings), valuable life lessons, and heartwarming "Dadvice."

DIY highlights include how to iron a shirt, how to repair a hole in the wall, how to invest, and even how to be forgiving.

"Some people have never known their dad or have lost their father," Kenney told PopSugar. "I feel so blessed to have this platform to be able to share stuff I've learned over the years, and the book is an extension of that."