Why Did We Ever Stop Using Wax Seals On Handwritten Letters? This Best-Selling Amazon Kit Has Us Hooked

Thank you notes just got way more fun.

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Custom Wax Seal Stamp Kit
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In a time when social media and smartphones make up the bulk of our daily communication, especially when we're far away from friends and loved ones, we can almost forget the power of a good handwritten letter. We said, "almost," because our mothers and grandmothers didn't play around when it came to thank you notes—and some things just stick around well after we're grown.

A handwritten letter, be it a thank you note or one "just because," never goes out of style. It almost always feels more meaningful than a quick text, showing that you've taken the time and thoughtfulness to put your feelings down on paper and gone to the trouble of addressing and stamping for the mailman. Moreover, in some instances like after someone hosts you or gives you a gift, etiquette calls for it, if you're into that sort of thing.

While having your own set of stationery makes easy work of planned thank yous and off-the-cuff correspondence, there is something even more classic that you can do to take your handwritten letters to the next level: a wax seal. Most commonly associated with medieval times, when kings and other political figures would enclose their letters with a personal wax seal to ensure no tampering occurred before arrival, a wax seal stamp involves a process of warming up colored wax in a spoon, pouring a dollop over the envelope with your letter enclosed, and pressing with a customized stamp that often features a family crest or the first letter of your last name. A wax seal can instantly make any note look more personalized and extra special, despite only taking an extra few seconds.

Custom Wax Seal Stamp Kit

If you're interested in trying a wax seal on your own letters, Amazon shoppers are fond of this wax seal stamp kit that comes complete with three different colored wax sticks, a melting spoon, two tea-light candles, and a sealing copper stamp adorned with the initial of your choice—all of it wrapped up in a charming box. Fans of bold colors can also invest in this simple stamp with bright cherry red wax. Simply melt, pour, let firm up for a few seconds, stamp and hold for ten seconds, and admire your masterpiece before popping it in the mailbox. (TO SHOP: $21.99; amazon.com)

Now you have no excuse but to write your long-distance bestie a cute little note for no reason at all, other than to show off your new wax seal.

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