Texas Mom Crochets Custom Dolls in More Than 21 Skin Tones

“If a doll makes someone feel extra special and loved, I'm all for it.”

Tammy B Creations Crochet Dolls
Photo: Tammy Blunte/Tammy B Creations

Tammy Blunte knows what it's like not to feel represented. As a little girl growing up in the 80s and 90s, she remembers not being able to find dolls that looked like her.

"It was pretty much difficult to find a Black doll. And if you [did] find a Black doll, it was never with an Afrocentric type of hairstyle," Blunte told Yahoo Life. "It was never the right skin tone. The representation was not there."

Fast forward to adulthood, when Blunte stared making crochet dolls as a hobby.

"After I made my first doll of color, I realized that no one else makes them," the mother-of-four from El Paso, Texas, told Southern Living.

So, Blunte began making more dolls of color. In 2015 she started posting photos of them on Instagram. The response, she says, was overwhelmingly positive.

"That is what boosted me and encouraged me to tap into this market that I realized was being neglected," she told Yahoo. "This is where the birth of Tammy B Creations came about. So, I can share my dolls [with] anyone in the world."

Blunte makes custom dolls with a wide range of skin tones—more than 21 to be exact— and hairstyles. Customers can even pick out what the doll should wear, its shoes, eye color, lip color, etc. Blunte can also accommodate requests like glasses, hearing, aids, and birthmarks.

Her ability is uncanny.

"Clients send in their photo, and I try to capture them in doll form," Blunte told Southern Living. "This is special for those who need confidence and/or have a disability and need know that they are loved by having something that looks like themselves."

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Blunte says she is simply trying to make an impact on people's lives.

"If a doll makes someone feel extra special and loved, I'm all for it," she said.

For more information and to order your own custom doll visit tammybcreations.com.

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