When it comes to the holidays, country star Craig Morgan’s family has some practices we’d like to adopt ourselves.

Like every Southern family, Tennessee native and country singer Craig Morgan’s family has holiday traditions of their own. Even though he’s a top-charting artist, Craig is a lot like some of the guys in our own families.

It didn’t take Craig long to prove that his Mama raised him right when he said his favorite thing about the holiday season is “the family environment.” If that doesn’t make you smile, the next thing he said might do the trick. “I do whatever my wife says if you want the truth.” He might take charge of the turkey at Thanksgiving, but when it comes to holiday gatherings, “I generally do whatever she tells me to do: set the table, do this, do that—I kind of follow her orders,” he said. Southern men, take notes.

But Craig’s family Christmas tradition involves the aspect the kids and grandkids get most excited about—presents. The Morgan family tradition starts 12 days before Christmas, and each day leading up to Christmas, the kids get to open one gift. The only rule is that the present has to be under the tree and it has to be wrapped. On Christmas Eve, each family member gets to open up every gift left under the tree that has his or her name on it. “And then, of course, Santa Claus comes that night and you wake up the next morning, and you see what Santa Claus brought. So Christmas for us is like a half a month long,” Craig joked.

A half-month of Christmas? Sounds like a dream to us. But, if we’re being honest, Craig’s Christmas tradition that interested us most was an “absolutely insane” (-ly delicious-sounding) cookie that his wife makes every year—an oatmeal cream cheese cookie.

Now all we want for Christmas is that cookie recipe. Anyone have Santa’s number?

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