Thank goodness they're crowded so we can load up on Moon Pies and seasonal hair bows.

By Valerie Fraser Luesse

We had a sneaking suspicion that many of us intentionally choose the busiest hours at Cracker Barrel just so we'll have and excuse to do lots more than peruse the list of country sides. So we polled our Facebook Brain Trust, and sure enough—y'all aren't there just for the chicken and dumplings. Here's what we're all doing while we wait for our turn at Uncle Herschel's Favorite:

Contemplate whether this is the trip to Cracker Barrel during which I'll finally spring for one of the rocking chairs for sale on the front porch because they're pretty perfect, and surely there's a place at home where I can use one.

Shop the clearance merch.

Reminisce over the vintage toy and candy selections.

Eat 2 pounds of divinity and listen to the hammered dulcimer CDs.

Look at ALL the lovely and unusual things they have for sale and try to ignore that growling stomach.

Play the wooden peg game to make sure I'm not a total "eg-no-ra-moose."

Reminisce about the time I drove Mom and Dad to Hershey, Pennsylvania, and we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner EVERY day at Cracker Barrel (okay, maybe we hit a Bob Evans once) because my parents say CB serves "our kind of food."

Look for the candies of my childhood and then try to resist them (failing sweetly).

Buy a quilt.

Buy a box of Moon Pies.

Load up on peacock-themed desk accessories I don't need because OHMYGOSH I LOVE PEACOCKS!!!

Check out the audio book rack to see if they have anything by Rick Bragg or Fannie Flagg.

Peruse tableware in a rooster motif. Or maybe a John Deere motif.

Play a couple of games with those ginormous checkers.

Eat jelly biscuits and cornbread (or maybe go rogue and put jelly ON the cornbread).

Try to figure out what that antique wooden thing is hanging on the wall.

Wonder who dusts all this stuff.

Stand in front of the big fireplace in winter.

Talk about how, when we were kids, those wax bottles with the juice in them were cool . . . and then wonder when we stopped seeing those everywhere . . . and then wonder about other candies we had forgotten and POOF!! OHMYGOSH they're all for sale at Cracker Barrel!! And then buy one of those signs with a funny saying "just because."

This isn't really an answer but I'm sharing anyway! We took our first grandchild to Cracker Barrel for breakfast when she was about 3. Weeks later, her parents were taking her for breakfast and asked where she wanted to go. She said, "where they have pancakes and bunny rabbits." Finally, they figured it out—we had taken her to Cracker Barrel around Easter.