8 Discontinued Cracker Barrel Dishes We Wish They'd Bring Back to the Menu

They'd be an eg-no-ra-moose to not bring these back.

Cracker Barrel, the combination country store and Southern-style eatery, has a been a staple in the South since it was founded in Lebanon, Tennessee, in 1969. Folks have been flocking to the antique-filled chain for fried chicken, hash brown casserole, and other homestyle favorites for years, but like Chick-fil-A (and pretty much every other restaurant chain) occasionally Cracker Barrel discontinues a menu item—even if customers love it. "We delete menu items from time to time to make room for new signature, craveable menu items that our guests love," Cammie Spillyards-Schaefer, Vice President of Culinary and Menu Strategy, told Nation's Restaurant News in a statement after they trimmed some items from the menu in 2020.

While we wish they would start selling gas, like they did back in the day, and fervently believe they should make their fish fry available every day, here are a few Cracker Barrel menu items we truly want them to bring back.

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Fried Chicken Livers

While they aren't everyone's cup of tea, the fried chicken livers at Cracker Barrel were a fan favorite. Guess those craving their chicken liver fix, will just have to whip up White Limozeen's Chicken Liver Pie at home.

Strawberries n' Cream French Toast

There's no doubt that strawberries and cream are a delectable combination and adding them to your French toast is a stroke of genius, so it is no surprise that Cracker Barrel's Strawberries n' Cream French Toast was a big hit. According to Mashed, the breakfast item has been off the menu for a while—since 2015!—but it's unsurprising that people are still pining away for it.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

While the loss of Chick-fil-A's chicken salad sandwich resonated across the South, the less well-known, but also loved version of Cracker Barrel also disappeared.

Baked Apple Dumpling

The disappearance of this dessert hurt a bit, because it was the perfect way to finish a meal. It tasted like apple pie with a crisp double-crust dumpling shell wrapped around a perfectly cooked apple all topped with ice cream and pecan streusel. Guess we'll have to drown our sorrows in a Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar salads are the go-to lunch of choice for many of us and Cracker Barrel's version was a mainstay of their lunch menu. At some point, though, it vanished. Luckily, some folks have cleverly figured out how to make the restaurant's version of the salad at home with carrots, pickles, and a touch of sour cream.

Red Eye Gravy

According to Mashed, Cracker Barrel used to offer Red Eye gravy. It would have been the perfect pairing with their country ham or their fried porkchops. Since they have both country ham and coffee on the menu, which are the only two ingredients in this classic gravy, we're not sure why they would bother discontinuing it.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Breakfast is one of the three best meals of the day, but it's not always the healthiest (still love you, cheesy sausage croissant casserole!). That's why seeing the sweet potato pancakes on the Cracker Barrel menu was nice; it sounded healthy at least before the syrup and butter. Guess we'll just have to start ordering the pecan pancakes instead.

Sugar Plum Mimosa

Okay, we know this version of the mimosa will most likely be back around Christmas, but this boozy holiday treat is so good it should be on the menu year-round.

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