Non-members don't have to miss out on major savings.

By Grace Haynes
Southern Living Costco Nonmembers
Nonmembers don't have to miss out on major savings
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Just stepping foot inside Costco fills me with a sense of satisfaction. This big-batch warehouse is what bulk shoppers' dreams are made of. Beauty products, electronics, clothing items, a wide selection of wines, $5 rotisserie chickens, fresh flowers, and more are offered at unbeatable prices. Great deals and super savings under one roof—what's not to love about this wholesaler?

Of course there's a catch—only members can shop at Costco. With annual fees ranging from $60 to $120, memberships can break many potential shoppers' budgets. Luckily, there are loopholes. Here are five ways you can shop at Costco without a membership.

1. Shop with a member.

Tag along with a friend or relative with a membership. Savor delicious free samples as you shop around the warehouse. The member will have to pay your bill at checkout, but the cashier can ring up your items separately.

2. Take advantage of an employer's business account.

Many businesses already have memberships at Costco, so ask your employer if you can be listed as an authorized user on the account.

3. Use a Costco Cash Card.

These gift cards allow both members and nonmembers to shop at Costco. (Note: Only members can purchase or reload the cards.) $25 to $1,000 can be added to the gift card. You can also use the cards for shopping online.

4. Utilize Costco's health services.

Nonmembers can fill prescriptions, receive immunization shots, and get eye exams at Costco's pharmacy and optical departments.

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5. Sign up for Google Express.

Nonmembers can score deals from Costco online via Google's shopping platform (which also includes Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and more). You'll have to pay a 10% access fee at checkout, but with how much you're saving on your bill, it'll be worth it.