Costco's Wine Advent Calendar Is Finally Back for the Holidays, And It's Going To Sell Out Quick

What better way to count down to Christmas?

Costco is certainly not just a holiday hotspot. From the $5 rotisserie chickens to the family-sized snacks to the technology steals, the deals don't stop all year long. However, there is something special about going to Costco before the holiday season, and it's not just to stock up on the discounted wrapping paper, Christmas lights, and toys. If you're not getting the wine advent calendar, you're missing out on a whole lot of festive fun.

Costco Wine Advent Calendar

Costco's annual wine advent calendar not only makes the most jolly favor to bring to a Christmas dinner party with friends or family (to be cracked into on the spot), it also can be a fun new tradition to start at home in lieu or in addition to your classic chocolate advent calendar. What better way to count down to Christmas? Particularly, while there is a Hallmark Channel holiday marathon going on? While there is no pressure to try all the bottles when you reveal them each day, you'll be stocked with half-sized bottles to taste-test on any night, share with others, or bring as smaller gifts throughout the season.

The only catch here is that the Costco wine advent calendar notoriously sells out well before the holiday season kicks off. They start showing up at your local branch in October and will only be there fleetingly until they're sold out. In my experience, if you see it, get one. There's no promise it'll be there when you go back, and I've found that you won't regret it, no matter if you keep it for yourself or give it to others. (Personally, I've noticed it makes such a conversation starter and guarantees smiles all around when brought to a holiday gathering.)

This year's rendition charmingly invites you to "take a wine advent-ure" (get it?) with 24 half-sized bottles from around the world, and you can scope out what you're getting on the box. This year, you get wines from France, South Africa, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Moldova, Portugal, and Greece. It costs $99.99, which might seem pricey, but it breaks down to about $4 per half-sized bottle. A steal! Especially considering you can run through them pretty quickly when guests are in town or when you're in need of hostess gifts throughout the holiday season.

While you're in there, check out some of Costco's other special advent calendar offerings, including one that doles out treats and toys for your dog pals and one for beer lovers.

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