Let’s be honest, Southerners would much rather sip sweet tea on the front porch than do house chores! Washing the car, shopping for groceries, and walking the dog doesn’t sound like a fun summer afternoon. Running errands and completing tasks can be quite boring, so how much does it cost to outsource some of your most hated chores? Because the average American has about twenty pounds of laundry a week, it would cost somewhere between eighteen and sixty dollars to use a laundry service weekly; that’s about three thousand dollars a year on the high end! Hand washing your car can be such a bother. If you decide to have it washed biweekly, it will cost around $390 a year. Having to leave the comfort of your home to grocery shop is the ultimate annoyance, but it has to be done! Using an online grocer such as Fresh Direct or Amazon Fresh to have your groceries delivered to your doorstep costs on average $180 annually!

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