We all know that babies can be expensive. From hospital fees, to the necessary gear, some of the charges may surprise you. Did you know that the total costs for having a baby in a hospital can come out to $18,329 dollars? This fee includes the labor and delivery process, prenatal and postpartum care. If for some reason Mama needs a Cesarean (or C-section), that price jumps to a whopping $27,866.

Unfortunately, not all women are able to conceive a baby the traditional way. Other options, though, don't come cheap. Families can expect to spend about $15,000 to freeze and store eggs. And, an ART cycle, which is the technology used make a pregnancy happen, can cost nearly $15,000 dollars. That cycle includes fertility medication, invitro-fertilization, and possibly surrogacy.

Plus, after having that your little miracle, the bills don't stop! Raising a child through the first two years of life is pricey. The USDA estimates that new parents can spend at least 12 thousand dollars per year for that first 24 months. Plan ahead, so that you're all set for when Baby Margaret Anne decides to make her entrance.

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