From The Brady Bunch to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, this is the cost of four famous TV and movie homes.

While movies can merge audiences into the lives of their favorite characters, fans can literally transcend the screen by purchasing their fictional hero's abode. This is the cost of four famous TV and movie homes.

Here's a story, of the lovely Brady Bunch home that was put on the market in 2018. The second-most photographed property in America was purchased by HGTV for an outstanding $3.5 million dollars. Don't worry, it's not "Time to Change" the original aesthetic – the channel is planning to keep its groovy '70s decor for future generations.

Although 4 Privet Drive is hated by Harry Potter, it's a beloved location for many muggles. The Dursley's three-bedroom home, not including the one under the stairs, sold in 2016 for around $829,000. This price doesn't include the endless letter clean up or Aunt Marge floating above your estate.

Cameron's family lived in a Ferrari-crashing estate in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The property, including adjustable walls and a 4-car interior parking garage, sold for a hefty $1.06 million. Maybe Ferris would‘ve been more responsible if he knew the house's worth!

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, Full House holds onto the hearts of '90s kids. The colorful townhouse was used for exterior shots and sold in 2013 for $2.8 million. Whoa baby!

After reviewing these sale prices, maybe it's cheaper to just turn on your TV!