Fine! I'll admit it. Mama knows best.

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A couple of years ago, I complained to my mom about how staring at a screen all day was ruining my posture. Without her there to gently press her little pointer finger between my shoulder blades, I found myself transforming into a keyboard-worshipping hunchback. At Christmas, between the new workout leggings and a fresh set of my favorite pens, I opened up a posture corrector. Like she often does, my mom had tucked my passing remark away into the depths of her brain and dug it out just in time for holiday shopping. Incredibly thoughtful, for sure. But a posture corrector? For Christmas?

“You said you were worried about your posture,” my mom explained in response to my wary expression, concerned she’d offended me. (She had not. But a posture corrector? For Christmas?)

It looks a little medical, like something you’d wear if you were recently in a car accident or just had back surgery, and it’s not slim enough to wear underneath clothes. It doesn’t exactly invite the kind of attention you’d want to attract at the office, either. My coworkers are all that Southern-grown brand of generous, so I’d probably end up with a meal train delivering casseroles to my house before I could spread the word that no, I’m not recovering from an injury, I’m just trying to put my mom’s thoughtful Christmas gift to work.

But last week, after 144 days of working from home in the world’s least ergonomic chair, I finally pulled my medical-looking posture corrector out from under my bed. And what do you know? A week of wearing it at my dining room table for a few hours at a time, and I feel better already.

Padded adjustable straps allow me to alter the snugness of the fit, so it’s not super restrictive, nor does it fit like the straitjacket that you may envision when you think “posture corrector.” Rather, the backpack-like shoulder straps offer a slight, tugging reminder to put my shoulders back. Correcting my posture simultaneously takes the pressure off the back of my neck and my lower back.

My exact posture corrector is now unavailable for purchase, but ComfyBrace’s Posture Corrector looks fairly similar to the one I’m currently wearing, plus it has 472 5-star reviews.

"After a lot of research, I decided to give Comfy Brace’s Posture Corrector a try and I am so glad I did," said one reviewer who's had lower back and hip pain for years. "I’ve only had it for a week, and it has already helped me so much.”

Most surprising of all, it’s only $25, which is a fairly small price to pay for instant relief from back and neck pain. (BUY IT: $25;

I may have rolled my eyes when I unwrapped the posture corrector on Christmas morning, but I more than made up for my bad behavior when I called my mom last week to utter four words she hears me say nearly every other Tuesday: “Mama, you were right.” When will I learn?