Chonda Pierce is a Covington, Kentucky-born comedian who's best known for keeping her standup clean and incredibly Southern. "There comes a time in your life when you've gotten spanked so often for being the class clown that it's kinda nice to get paid for it," Chonda laughed. "Now I've gotten a relaxed tongue as I've gotten older, and I'll say 'shoot' or 'shucks'. If I get really mad, I'll go 'Dadgummit!' Those are all my cuss words." So, how does Chonda keep her comedy act funny and appealing to audiences and still stay true to her values? According to Chonda, she grew up in a world that didn't have the words that we hear a lot now – and she's okay with that. And, she still keeps that standard in her own house with her son. "I sound just like my mother!" Join Chonda as she talks about her success in the comedy industry and how she's kept it clean through the years.

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