Now we can't unsee them!

By Meghan Overdeep
December 14, 2017
Credit: Coca-Cola

Before you take a swig from that festive Coca-Cola can, take a good hard look at the design. Do you see the hidden objects in the latest iteration of the soda giant's iconic holiday bears? Take another look at the eyes. And how about their noses? There's more to these cans than you think!

"If you look closely at the bears, you will see bottle caps used for their eyes, where the edge of the angled bottle cap becomes eyelashes, and bottle shaped reflections on their noses," Frederic Kahn, the design director for Coca-Cola, explained in a release.

Credit: Coca-Cola
Credit: Coca-Cola

The updated cans were first released in 2016, and then re-released for the 2017 holiday season.

"When the bears are seen from the side, several have Coca-Cola dynamic ribbons as mouths, and we have some bears holding and drinking Coca-Cola from the contour bottle," Kahn continued. "The illustrations feel fresh and playful and capture special holiday moments of family togetherness."

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Very cool, Coke!