Coastal Grandmother Style Is Made for Southern Women

The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic embraces lifestyle choices, and leisurely walks on the beach are included.

something's gotta give

Leisurely walks in a sun-blocking hat, fresh flowers on the kitchen counter, Ina Garten's rotisserie chicken recipe crisping in the oven, and going to bed early—these are marks of a "Coastal Grandmother," as shouted out by TikTok and Instagram. Really, it's a lifestyle more than a trend, with Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give basically residing as the unofficial muse of the movement.

Coined by TikTok user Lex Nicoleta, the Coastal Grandmother is all about seeking joy in the little things in life and, well, having incredible taste. If you're a fan of Nancy Meyers movies—such as The Holiday and The Parent Trap remake—as well as breathable linen and Barefoot Dreams blankets, you could already be living the coastal grandmother aesthetic without realizing it.

Coastal Grandmothers Style Tips

Coastal Grandmothers are those who are effortlessly stylish (but in a comfy way), have a put-together presence (without trying too hard), know how to be the best hostess (while never breaking a sweat), and appreciate the finer things (yet still feel approachable).

It's also essential to note that you don't have to have grandchildren, nor live on the beach, to be a coastal grandmother. It applies to all ages and locales as long as the classic Superga sneaker fits. It's the Coastal Grandmother shoe of choice and also happened to be favored by the late Princess Diana—and, more recently, Kate Middleton.

The overall aesthetic is relaxed yet still planned, not too starchy button-down, but still embracing classic wardrobe staples. If a capsule collection were to be created against this look, the foundation would be neutrals with white, tan, black and shades of blue and green punctuating the ensemble. Look to celebrities such as Diane Lane and Jamie Lee Curtis for examples, and visit Eileen Fisher online for further inspiration.

A Trend That Lives In Truth

something's gotta give

All facts and notions considered, it seems that Southern women mastered this lifestyle long ago. Southern women do tend to have penchants for wearing breezy button-downs, sending out thank you notes, making cheese straws for guests, and spending languid afternoons on the porch with a glass of homemade iced tea.

If finding joy is the name of the game, Southern women do just that and also bring it to others—something we argue should be deemed the pinnacle of the Coastal Grandmother mindset. Farm-to-table meals and flower gardens also occupy the life of a Coastal Grandmother, and we can't think of anything more Southern.

Katharine Hepburn
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Carving Out A Coastal Grandmother Life

It's time to pick those hydrangeas from the garden, cinch your hair messily into a tortoiseshell clip, and stockpile heirloom tomatoes from the farmers' market. And next time you're settling into the sofa in your matching pajama set, thank the Coastal Grandmother matriarchs that came before us for officially making it cool.

As a matter of fact, we are wondering if any style icons from the past might embody this present day embracing of enjoying simple pleasures. Katharine Hepburn immediately comes to mind, with her penchant for a men's button-down and relaxed trousers. She also fostered a lifelong love of gardening, and was an avid home cook in her later years.

Can we aspire to a Hepburn level Coastal Grandmother? No matter. As with any style, it is taking the inspiration and going with it that matters. Carve out your own version of these choices and you might find a slice of unexpected happiness.

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