By Southern Living
March 14, 2017

You know the power couple Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper, but have you heard of Clint Harp? Clint approached Chip Gaines at a gas station in 2012, and it changed his life. A year earlier, Clint quit a six-figure job to pursue his passion–furniture making. “I wanted to do something that meant something to me and my wife,” he says. “I wanted to wake up in the morning and feel like we were truly being ourselves.” At his lowest point – "completely broke," as he puts it – Clint met Chip Gaines in a gas station. Chip invited Clint and his wife Kelly back to the Gaines' home in Waco for dinner. Once Clint met Joanna, of course, the rest was history. Clint began making custom furniture pieces for Joanna, who was selling furniture out of her home at the time. Just a few short months later, Chip and Joanna began their journey on HGTV's Fixer Upper – and Clint came along. Now, Clint's opened his own store with Kelly and has been able to hire staff. His own show, Wood Work, just premiered on DIY Network. “This whole thing has been such an amazing job,” Clint says. “It’s just insane. Just a few years ago, I was sitting at a gas station wondering what’s going to happen.”

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