Just when we thought we couldn't love the design duo anymore.

Chip and Joanna
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Might as well come right on out and admit it: We're obsessed with HGTV's charming husband-and-wife team, Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Each week, the Fixer Upper stars invite us into different homes in the Waco, Texas, area to watch their amazing before-and-after renovations. It seems wallpapering, painting, refurbishing, and flipping ordinary houses into extraordinary dwellings has caught on with tons of do-it-yourself viewers across the country, if we're to judge the rising popularity of the show after just four seasons. Not to mention, audiences' can't get enough of the couple's innate design sensibility, from his affinity for shiplap to her inherent ability to turn flea market trash into treasure.

Though the binge-worthy home improvement series gives us a little background and insight on the families they help, as well as the darling duo themselves, it doesn't paint the full picture on how they came to capture each other's hearts (and ours), one wood panel at a time. You already know that together they own and operate their Magnolia franchises, while raising their four kids—Duke, Drake, Ella, and Emmie—who are quite the creative and talented bunch too, might we add. Those facts are all apparent, but we decided it was time to take a break from the HGTV marathons to unearth other interesting facts about the couple who gives us serious relationship goals. In honor of their milestone 14th wedding anniversary this year, here are 14 interesting tidbits to expand your knowledge on all things Chip and Jo.

1. While they both attended Baylor University in Texas, they didn't actually meet there.

He graduated in 1998 with a degree in business administration, and she graduated in 2001 with a degree in communications. Despite walking on the same campus grounds, their paths never crossed.

2. So how did Chip and Joanna first meet exactly? Spoiler Alert: It was love at first sight.

Her dad had a family photo on display at his automotive shop, and according to Chip, he knew she was the one after getting a glimpse of her in that picture. It was actually bad brakes that brought the two together at her dad's shop. Forget cheesy pick-up lines! Chip wooed Joanna by using a line from one of the auto commercials she appeared in. He came in for a car repair and found the love of his life in the waiting area.

3. Now that we know how he fell for her, what made her fall in love with him?

Joanna said it was his kind eyes and sense of humor. Gotta love a guy that can make a girl laugh, right?

4. As successful as they are today, home design and running their own business wasn't what they originally set out to do.

Although she always had dreams of being on TV as a broadcast journalist, he, on the other hand, wanted to go into sports (baseball, specifically) or politics. Jo's love for design came much later after working as intern for CBS News, where she would wander into antique stores and boutiques during her off days.

5. Before working with legendary news anchor Dan Rather as an intern, she had another, um, interesting job.

She worked at an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant.

6. What was their first fixer upper?

Their own newlywed home, which they started building immediately after their honeymoon. Nothing like construction and marital bliss.

7. But they weren't always so great with color.

A design disaster occured when they gave the green light on painting the exterior of a 100-year-old house the color yellow, without testing it out. They returned later to find a home that was less cheery and more, shall we say, school-bus yellow.

8. Why so much Magnolia?

Prepare to swoon. Reportedly, Chip would bring Joanna fragrant magnolia blooms when they started dating.

9. And speaking of blooms, you know how much Jo loves her greenery and flowers. Can you guess her favorite?

Pink antique roses. No way! A favorite of ours, too!

10. They may be part of a popular TV show, but strangely, they don't own one.

The Gaineses didn't just cut the cord, they cut out the devices completely. Instead of the kids watching television, they prefer they play outside on their 40 acres of land with the family's 60 animals. No worries! Chip and Joanna still succumb to their Fixer Upper addiction as the rest of us by watching it at friend's house or in hotel rooms on road trips—naturally, with dessert.

11. In spite of making tons of changes in homes every week, the one thing that hasn't changed (besides their love, of course)?

Their love for wearing the same jeans and boots. Since getting married in 2003, his go-to stylish combo are Gap jeans and Ariat boots. Hers are Citizen skinnies and Frye boots. Clearly, the couple who does denim and dilapidation together, stays together.

12. Joanna even does the sweetest thing for Chip while he's away.

When he goes out of town, she leaves a note for him in his overnight bag. He's saved all of them.

13. And he's returned the favor...

By purchasing a brand-new set of drums for her. After mentioning that she always wanted to learn how to play, he surprised her with a set. "Whether it is drum lessons or starting a business, he has always been the wind at my back that encourages me to go for it," said Joanna. All the feels!

14. And if they had to live anywhere else other than Waco?

For Chip, he'd remain in the South in Kansas City. Joanna would want to move back to New York, where she lived and worked in 2000.

Catch more of Chip and Joanna when Season 5 starts in November 2017, right around Thanksgiving. Ah, one more thing we can all be thankful for.

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If you already knew most of these fun and adorable facts about America's favorite decorating couple, give yourself a pat on the back for being an even bigger fan than we are.