This state-of-the-art test kitchen takes Chick-fil-A menu items to the next level.


The test kitchen to a Chick-fil-A chef is the same as a laboratory to a scientist: it's where the magic happens and exciting discoveries are made! Between 4 kitchens, packaging labs, and production design facilities, the beloved fast food chain is constantly taking their products to the next level.

Even the Chick-fil-A employees are invited into the test kitchen to sample food and give honest feedback early in the menu-item-developing process. Chefs, food scientists, nutritionists, and even engineers come together to ultimately create amazing cuisine that everyone will enjoy.

The test kitchen facility, based at the Chick-fil-A headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, is even complete with a fresh herb wall where chefs have the option of adding a handful of fresh herbs to their food. And, of course, there's a drive-thru window so employees can simulate what the experience will be like for customers. Engineers dedicated to technology and designers dedicated to packaging help Chick-fil-a really stand out among other fast-food joints, while remaining current, fresh, and sustainable.

So whether you're craving an Icedream cone, spicy chicken sandwich, or a simple 12-count with honey mustard – your Chick-fil-A order begins at this incredible test kitchen.