"Buy Mor Diamonds."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 07, 2021

It's always a good day to make your community laugh.

Two business owners in Gardendale, Alabama — about 20 minutes outside of Birmingham — have been keeping the chuckles going strong with a series of signs between a neighboring Chick-fil-A and jewelry store.

The face-off between the Gardendale Chick-fil-A and Jeff Dennis Jewelers started when the jewelry store owner Jeff Dennis decided to put up a sign promoting the store's new drive-thru service. Taking a stab at Chick-fil-A's slow drive-thru service, Dennis posted a sign that announced that the jeweler's "drive-thru is faster than Chick-fil-A's." Thus commenced a playful exchange of signs — which Dennis shared on Facebook — between the fast food restaurant and the jewelry store.

Chickfila fast food restaurant
Credit: John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

Some standout messaging includes Jeff Dennis Jewelers' "Gold nuggets are better than chicken nuggets," and Chick-fil-A urging people to find their "overflow parking located at Jeff Dennis Jewelers!" Our favorite move of all would have to be the jewelry store erecting a giant sign in the Chick-fil-A lawn riffing on the eatery's motto of "Eat Mor Chikin:" "Buy Mor Diamonds" the message read along with "1 block" and an arrow sign pointing towards Jeff Dennis Jewelers.

In true Southern fashion, we're happy to report that Dennis and this Chick-fil-A franchise owner, Mike Holmes, are friends and the repartee was all done in good spirits. When Dennis posted that first sign, he said "I don't know if [Holmes] was a willing participant at the time, but I was going to call him a chicken if he wasn't," to Birmingham news channel CBS 42.

Clearly, we're all glad to see that Holmes was up for the challenge, and we're still rolling in laughter over these clever signs. We're sensing a diamond chicken pendant Chick-fil-A Gardendale and Jeff Dennis Jewelers collaboration in the near future.