Cheesecake lovers, this is your year.


Something pretty magical started happening this holiday season. Actually, something pretty magical started appearing on the shelves of Walmart stores. Nope, we're not referring to Hatchimals. We're talking about the beautiful eight ounce bags filled with the latest (and dare we say greatest) candies to hit stores since the Goo Goo Cluster. M&M's are at it again with a brand new flavor –White Cheesecake–that will surely catch your attention and entice your tastebuds. According to the Impulsive Buy, customers are already spotting and buying them at Walmart stores. Cheesecake fanatics, this is pretty much a dream come true. Their packaging will be hard to miss: a big green M&M holds a slice of cheesecake on a dish. (Cute, don't you think?) The candy pieces have a white chocolate base and are covered in pink and white candy shells. So far so good, right? But what about that graham cracker crust that makes cheesecake so irresistible? Well, you'll need to find out for yourself. We urge you not to wait too long because the company says the new flavor is a limited edition.