A familiar face will be missing from your local grocery store this spring. To bring awareness to the catastrophic plight of the bee, Buzz, the zippy Honey-Nut Cheerios mascot, is set to disappear from the ubiquitous cereal boxes.

To help Buzz and his winged friends, Cheerios has come up with a positively bee-utiful plan. The brand has pledged to give away 100 million wildflower seeds to help save the dwindling bee population, which is essential to food production.

The Cheerios website says: "Buzz is missing because there's something serious going on with the world's bees. Bee populations everywhere have been declining at an alarming rate, and that includes honeybees like Buzz."

The rusty patched bumble bee, a prolific pollinator, was just recently declared endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. A General Mills press release states that more than two thirds of the crops used to feed people, accounting for 90 percent of the world's nutrition, are pollinated by bees—and they've been disappearing by the millions.

"As a General Mills cereal built around nutrition, helping pollinators get the key nutrition they need through fun, family-friendly activities like planting wildflowers is a natural fit," Susanne Prucha, director of marketing for Cheerios, said in a statement. "Our commitment to increasing the habitat for pollinators is one way we are continuously striving to be a company that not only makes products people love, but a company that pursues creative solutions to make our world a better place for all families."

To help, register for your very own seeds, which should arrive in four to six weeks (just in time for spring planting season) at