A once forgotten Charleston district is quickly rising to prominence

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Charleston Upper Peninsula
Charleston's grand Hotel Bennett, opening in summer 2018. The property will feature a rooftop pool, spa, French patisserie, and Charleston's first classic Ladies Bar, complete with reclaimed pink marble and a mirrored ceiling.
| Credit: Explore Charleston

This week, The New York Times reported on "A Vibrant Turnaround for a Neglected Charleston Neighborhood." The area in discussion, of course, is Charleston's Upper Peninsula. While it may only be making a national splash now, it's something Southerners have taken notice of for years.

For the past 10+ years, an impressive transformation has brought new energy and changes to the district, and it has recently picked up steam. The New York Times piece zooms in on the impact of Stephen J. Zoukis, a real estate developer whose work has had a tremendous impact in revitalizing a once industrial wasteland. His work in Charleston began in 2012, and has ushered in a wave of residents, restaurants, and tech companies.

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Currently, two of the biggest projects in the Upper Peninsula are a sprawling apartment complex on the corner of King and Spring Streets, and the Courier Square project—a long-term effort to redevelop a 12-acre site—across the street. It's also hard to miss the slew of of restaurants and shops that have recently relocated or opened here.

Millery Gallery
The Miller Gallery, which opened in June 2017.
| Credit: Explore Charleston

Explore Charleston

Charleston has long been one of the South's favorite cities, and the Upper Peninsula's resurgence is only adding to its allure. Walking around the area, it's easy to see why so many Charlestonians are excited by the neighborhood's renaissance and the creative artisans and job opportunities that have followed.

A few newcomers for fall 2017 we're particularly excited for include Edmund's Oast Brewing Co., pizzeria Melfi's, and Pour Taproom, a rooftop bar with some of the best sunset views in town. You'll also likely want to spend some time wandering the NoMo (north Morrison) part of the Upper Peninsula where Home Team BBQ is located. What better way to cap off a day in Chucktown than with a lowcountry boil?