Spoiler alert: she eats like a queen.

By Meghan Overdeep

No surprises here: Queen Elizabeth eats like a queen. Darren McGrady, a former chef in the royal kitchens, gave The Telegraph a rundown of the Queen's daily eating habits, and despite the fact that her royal highness is actually "not a foodie," she eats quite well. "She eats to live, unlike Prince Philip who loves to eat and would stand and talk food all day," McGrady added.

Twice a week, the head chef to the royal household, Mark Flanagan, gives the Queen a red leather-bound book of menu options. She checks off what she likes and crosses off what she doesn't. According to McGrady, ingredients grown on her own farms and anything chocolate (her favorite) are most likely to receive the royal green light.

The Queen's day begins with a pre-breakfast snack—a pot of freshly brewed Earl Grey tea (milk, no sugar), and a few biscuits—at 7:30 a.m., per British Telecommunications. At 8:30 a.m., she's joined by the Duke of Edinburgh in her private first-floor dining room, for a spread that includes cereal, yogurt, and maple syrup, although the Queen usually opts for toast with light marmalade. Sometimes she even shares with her beloved corgis.

After a few hours of work (she gets up to 300 letters a day from the public!) she partakes in a gin and Dubonnet with lemon and plenty of ice. The Queen usually takes her lunch alone, and prefers to keep things simple: fish with vegetables or grilled chicken with salad. "When she dines on her own she's very disciplined," McGrady noted. "No starch is the rule."

High tea is served in the Queen's Palace suite at 5:00 p.m. and features an impressive selection of sandwiches (crusts off, of course!), scones, a pie or chocolate cake, and McVitie's Rich Tea biscuits.

If she has no guests or public engagements to attend, the Queen and Prince Philip enjoy a relaxed meal of lamb, roast beef, mutton, grouse, or salmon, BT reports. Her Majesty rarely drinks wine with dinner, but has been known to enjoy a martini aperitif. For dessert, the Queen prefers to end her day on "light and fresh note" — with strawberries grown at Balmoral, peaches grown in her greenhouses at Windsor Castle, and ideally a slice of her favorite chocolate cake. Last but certainly not least, she washes it all down with a glass of Champagne.

We don't know about you, but we're royally jealous!