Can you guess what Southern Living's Editor-at-Large wishes she went by?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Jenna Bush Hager's Favorite Entertaining Tips
Credit: Southern Living

It's hard to imagine Jenna Bush Hager with a name other than, well, Jenna. The classic name—fittingly made popular for the Dallas-native in the 1978 TV series "Dallas"—is certainly a lovely one for the upbeat and energetic mom of two.

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In a recent TODAY show segment, though, the news correspondent revealed she once had other dreams for her moniker. "I was always jealous of (my sister) Barbara, so I want to go by Barbara Bush Hager," she reveals. In true Southern tradition, Jenna's sister, Barbara, was named after their paternal grandmother, while Jenna got their maternal grandmother's name.

But young Jenna found herself envious of her fraternal twin sister. "As a kid, Barbara would call and order Domino's and be like, 'Barbara Bush?' And they'd be like, 'Stop pranking us!'" Jenna shares, as the news team erupts into laughter.

It's quite the thought, and we sure do wonder what it would have been like to have two Barbara Bush tots running around their Texas household.