Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Hometown: Monticello, GA

Occupation: Singer/Cookbook Author/TV Host

What's On Her Plate: The second season of Trisha's Southern Kitchen on the Food Network

No matter where I live, I will always be a Georgia girl. I come from Jasper County, where everybody knew everybody and everything revolved around school and church. There were lots of covered-dish suppers and lots of barbecue fund-raisers.

Strength, grace, and good manners. Those are the traits that set a Southern girl apart.

I learned to cook after I moved to Nashville. I was homesick and missed my mother's cooking, so I tried to make her potato salad. I cried when it tasted like hers. That reminder of home was comforting. Now the majority of the things I cook are recipes from my mom and grandmother. They have passed away, but the recipes remain a way to stay connected with them.

Garth and I had an instant friendship. The first day we met, we sang together; it felt like we'd been singing together our whole lives. I've had the opportunity to do duets with some amazing artists: Aaron Neville, Vince Gill, Don Henley. But there's no one I would rather sing with than my husband, Garth [Brooks].

Oklahoma is the land of common sense. Just north of Tulsa, where I've called home for 11 years, everyone is practical and down to earth, and none of them care if you're some hit singer, which makes it a wonderful place to raise our children. The nicest people you're ever going to meet live here.

Potatoes, sweet Vidalia onions, butter, and garlic. That's what every Southern kitchen should be stocked with.

I've never recorded a song I didn't love. But if pressed to pick a favorite, "The Song Remembers When" comes to mind. It's a beautiful ballad, but it is really more like poetry set to music.

For me, it's relaxing to be in the kitchen. Some people stress out when they have to make a meal. But I think there's a real sense of satisfaction when you serve a meal to someone and they love what you cooked. It's almost like the applause you get when you're onstage.