"It was a fantastic time, he's a solid, genuine, and just flat out AWESOME guy!"

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 28, 2021
Tom Hanks Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 11th Annual Governors Awards - Arrivals
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Tom Hanks heads to Nashville a few times a year thanks to his wife Rita Wilson's music career. And he wasn't about to let a recent trip to Nashville go by without taking some time to indulge in one of his hobbies: adding to his typewriter collection.

As The Tennessean reported, Kirk Jackson, the owner of Nashville Typewriter in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, sent a letter to the actor last year, thinking it'd be a long shot that he'd hear back. Surprisingly, Jackson received a typed letter from Hanks along with his word that he'd swing by the typewriter repairman and collector's shop next time he was in town. This past week, Hanks did indeed stop by Jackson's shop — and even met his family, signed his bench, and bought a few typewriters. Jackson chronicled the celebrity's visit on Instagram, sharing a bit more about Hanks' special visit along with several photos from the occasion.

"I missed a call the other night while eating dinner from a California #, and almost choked when a text came through after saying it was Tom Hanks in town for a few days, and wanting to come visit Nashville Typewriter!" wrote Jackson, adding that Hanks came by on the morning of May 25. "The stories are true- he really IS the nicest guy in Hollywood!" he added.

But Hanks didn't just stop by the store for a quick shopping spree. He spent time getting to know Jackson, his wife, and son, as well as the family dogs, before Hanks and Jackson headed to the Nashville Typewriter, a stone's throw away from the family house. There, the duo "had a blast" testing out typewriters and surveying Jackson's collection, before Hanks purchased two typewriters and put in an order for several more. "It was a fantastic time, he's a solid, genuine, and just flat out AWESOME guy!" Jacskon wrote later in his post. "He took selfies with us, signed my bench, and said he'd be back next time he's in Nashville."

Until then, we hope Hanks enjoys his new typewriters and that Jackson's business gets a boost from its VIP patronage.

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As lovers of all things old-fashioned, we may very well bust out our old Smith Corona typewriter and send off some letters this afternoon. Even if they're not to Tom Hanks, we're sure the recipients will get a thrill from the typewritten snail mail.